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Chumlee Learns Valuable Lesson of Having Skilled Legal Representation

A few months ago, we shared the news of “Pawn Stars” co-star Chumlee (real name Austin Russell) facing serious legal troubles for multiple drug and firearm charges. If convicted on all charges, Chumlee was facing about 70 years of prison time. Chumlee dropped his on-air dumb schtick and made the smart move of relying upon…

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Time for Chumlee to Drop the Dumb Shtick and Get a Lawyer

The next expert Rick Harrison of “Pawn Stars” needs to call is a good attorney. That’s because his affable co-star Chumlee (real name Austin Russell) is facing a serious legal mess that could potentially put him behind bars for a long time. Just to recap, Chumlee was taken into custody on March 9 after police…

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