How To File For Bankruptcy In Phoenix: Benefits & More

Phoenix Bankruptcy Lawyer: Filing for Bankruptcy

A Fresh Financial StartFiling for Bankruptcy

Need an attorney for your bankruptcy in Phoenix? When an individual, business, or family runs into serious financial problems, they may consider filing for bankruptcy. The federal government has enacted laws that allow those who are under unmanageable debt to seek relief through filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This opportunity has allowed many businesses and individuals in the Phoenix area to finally get their financial problems resolved and move on with a fresh start. Although in the past bankruptcy was considered a shocking solution, this is no longer the case. The current financial downturn, including huge numbers of people that lost employment, had overextended mortgages, or had massive losses in business is a common situation. Filing for bankruptcy can bring an end to the difficulties you are facing, and allow you to start over without the fear of losing property, lawsuits, garnishments and threats.

Solutions to Serious Financial Problems

There are alternatives to bankruptcy that can be sought for those who don’t wish to go in that direction. However, we find that in many cases, once the process is fully understood, many individual and business owners take advantage of the opportunity to be free from their crushing debt load.

The bankruptcy process has had changes in recent years. In 2005, the federal government enacted changes so it became more difficult to file Chapter 7 for those who really were not eligible. We find that most people will still qualify, and if not, they can file a different form of bankruptcy and solve their financial problems. You now will be required to do the Means Test which will evaluate your financial condition and determine whether you are eligible for Chapter 7. Those who have too many assets will likely need to file Chapter 13. Whatever your situation is, we can help! Whether you plan on filing for bankruptcy, or choose to find an alternative that suits your financial situation, our skilled legal team can help you identify the best course of action to move forward and resolve your debt problems.

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