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Drug trafficking means selling or distributing illegal drugs to others.  While trafficking usually refers to an organized operation with “professional” drug dealers, people have been accused of trafficking for selling or even giving away drugs casually among friends.

Trafficking is generally a much more serious drug chargeDrug Trafficking Defense Attorneys in Phoenix than mere possession as it shows the intent to distribute dangerous drugs to the public.  Prosecutors tend to pursue these cases much more vigorously than possession cases, especially when large quantities of drugs are involved.  If there is evidence that trafficking took place over state lines, federal charges can be made, bringing the prosecution of the case to a new level of severity.

The punishments for trafficking are severe.  Even for a “light” trafficking charge, the minimum sentence is five years, and trafficking methamphetamine’s may incur penalties of up to 20 years in prison.  Methamphetamine traffickers are not eligible for suspended sentences or pardons until they have served their entire sentence in most cases.

New federal statutes have also made an effort to reduce trafficking by imposing severe penalties.  Some of these penalties can include forfeiture of personal assets.  This means that if you are convicted of trafficking under federal statutes, it is possible that your home, vehicles and other personal property can be seized by the government.

Trafficking charges are not to be taken lightly as a conviction can have life-long repercussions for you and your family.  Because trafficking is a felony, a conviction generally stays on your record forever and can be used in future proceedings against you as a “convicted felon.”  If there is a way to avoid a trafficking conviction, it is important to vigorously defend your case.

A criminal defense attorney may be able to help you in this regard.  In order to have the best defense possible, you should choose an attorney who has experience in dealing with both state and federal courts and who has a thorough understanding of both Arizona drug laws and federal statutes that may impact your case.  A criminal defense attorney may assist you in forming a defense to your charges.  For example, many people accused of drug crimes were simply “in the wrong place at the wrong time” and were innocent of any wrongdoing.  In other cases, it may be best to plead to lesser charges to avoid a serious conviction.  Your criminal defense attorney can work with you to decide on the best resolution to your drug trafficking charges.

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