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Robbery Charges Defense Lawyers PhoenixRobbery is taking something from someone else by force, the use of a threat or other violent means.  Robbery usually brings to mind armed robbery with the use of a weapon, but robbery can take many forms, including extortion in which someone threatens another person in order to gain control over him or her.

Simple robbery is a Class 4 Felony in Arizona according to Arizona Code 13-1902.  There are also special classifications with possible sentence enhancements for other types of robbery.  Code Section 13-1903 defines Aggravated Robbery as robbery with the help of one or more accomplices actually present during the commission of the crime and makes it a Class 3 Felony while Code Section 13-1904 classifies Armed Robbery as robbery with a dangerous instrument or weapon, real or simulated.  Armed Robbery is a Class 2 Felony.

Robbery charges can also be combined or charged separately; for example, a person could be charged with both Armed Robbery and Aggravated Robbery if a group threatened a person and robbed him or her of property with a weapon.  These charges might apply to everyone in the group even if only one had a weapon.

The punishments for robbery of all types are extremely serious.  Arizona uses a graded sentencing system that allows enhanced sentencing for aggravated complaints.  According to Arizona law, a Class 2 Felony such as Armed Robbery carries a mitigated sentence of three years; without mitigating circumstances, the minimum sentence is four years and the “presumptive” sentence is five years.  Convictions can result in a maximum of ten years and aggravated convictions can result in as much as 12.5 years in prison.

What this means is that a person’s conviction for Armed Robbery can result in a sentence anywhere between three years and 12.5 years for each count, and every instance of robbery can be a separate count.  It is possible for a person convicted of armed robbery to spend only a few years in prison or a great portion of his or her life behind bars.

It is critical for a person who is charged with a felony of this magnitude to receive the best possible legal representation.  A criminal defense attorney may be able to help the person who is accused of armed robbery fight those charges or work out a plea agreement that significantly reduces the amount of jail time given for each offense.

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