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Arizona Mail Fraud Defense AttorneysFederal and state of Arizona prosecutors sometimes work together to bring the most serious charges possible against an individual accused of fraud.  One way to do this is under what is known as the RICO statute.  Essentially, RICO allows individuals to be prosecuted at a federal level for using any type of interstate communication to further some scheme for defrauding individuals of money.

Mail fraud may fall under this federal statute even if the mail does not cross state lines.  If the prosecution can show that a person had a scheme to defraud others, used the U.S. mail for the purpose of furthering this scheme and had an intent to defraud when committing the act, that person may be charged with mail fraud.  Wire fraud, a similar charge, involves the same burden of proof but with transmission over television, radio or the Internet.

Someone charged in Arizona with mail or wire fraud may face serious consequences if convicted under federal RICO statutes.  The severity of sentencing depends in large part on the number of people defrauded and the monetary amount of this fraud.

There are ways to defend a person against a mail or wire fraud charge.  In some cases, innocent people have been included in charges who had nothing to do with a fraudulent scheme.  In other cases, there is no intent to defraud even if the person accused participated in something that ultimately turned out to be a scheme.  Furthermore, the prosecution must prove that victims were injured by the alleged mail fraud activity.

It is also possible that a person who is accused of mail or wire fraud may face only state fraud charges rather than federal charges.  In most cases, this is a much less serious charge and may be negotiated as part of a plea agreement or dropped altogether depending on the evidence available.

Do not ignore the implications of a federal or state mail fraud charge.  These charges may not seem as serious as those for violent crimes, but they can have life-changing consequence, cost you a great deal of money and could even result in prison time.  It is vital that you have professional representation to protect your rights and mitigate the damage that could result from a conviction for mail fraud.  An Arizona criminal defense attorney can give you that protection and can ensure that your case is handled in the least damaging way possible.

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