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Phoenix Corporate Fraud Crimes Defense LawyersThe meaning of the root word for corporation is a “body.”  A corporate body has legal rights and can borrow money, sue or be sued, and even enter into contracts.  However, corporations do not commit crimes—people do.  Therefore, “corporate fraud” usually involves some individual who is accused of stealing or some other illegal activity under the shield of a corporation.  This shield is known as the “corporate veil” and is sometimes used to conceal illegal activity.

However, the government and others may well accuse someone of illegal corporate activity when, in fact, no crime has been committed.  It is very important that CEOs, shareholders and others involved in the ownership or operation of a corporation protect their rights if they are accused of corporate fraud.

Common accusations against individuals in corporations include:

  • Using corporate credit for personal gain or misrepresenting corporate borrowing and funds.
  • “Laundering” money through a corporation or business to sanitize it from illegal operations.  Money must have provenance, and sometimes people are accused of using corporations to make earnings seem valid when, in fact, they have come from an illegal source.
  • Corporate entity fraud.  Misrepresenting a financial transaction as coming from a corporation when in fact it is a personal transaction can be considered fraud.
  • Illegal financial disclosures.  Issuing a false financial statement can be a crime if others are defrauded by the contents of that statement.  For example, a company officer could be charged with fraud if he or she used false financial statements to secure loans for the company.
  • Embezzlement.  If someone steals money from corporate funds, he or she may not only be charged with theft but, in some cases, with fraudulent activity leading up to the theft.

A criminal defense attorney may be able to help you if you have been charged with corporate fraud.  It is important not only to retain an attorney to protect you and your rights but also to ensure that the attorney you select has the knowledge and skills to understand corporate law.  A criminal defense attorney focuses his or her time on representing and protecting your legal rights in a criminal battle with corporate lawyers, the government or others who may accuse you of wrongdoing.

Call today for a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney who will fight vigorously to defend your rights and protect you from consequences of corporate fraud such as jail time, fines and other punishments.

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