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Accounting and Tax Fraud

Accounting and Tax Fraud Lawyers in Phoenix
Tax fraud is one of the most confusing areas of criminal law practice because it can involve so many different types of people and so many different activity.  Depending on whether accounting or tax fraud cases are charged in state court for Arizona or federal court for the United States government, the charges can range from minor annoyances to serious issues that could result in extended jail time.

In Arizona, prosecutors have the power to place those convicted of tax fraud or evasion in jail for a period of time.  In fact, for two or more convictions on tax charges, Arizona mandates a certain amount of prison time.  The federal government also has mandatory sentencing guidelines for a conviction for tax evasion or fraud.  Clearly, tax evasion is a crime the government takes very seriously, and both federal and state governments are willing to put prosecutors to work in stopping and punishing those accused of this activity.

Being convicted of any crime, but particularly tax evasion, may make it more difficult for you to find or keep a job.  It can also have other implications for your life far beyond the initial costs and distress of being arrested.  If you are accused of a crime of any type, it is essential that you secure professional representation by a criminal defense attorney with experience in handling these matters.

If the charge has to do with tax or accounting fraud, it is also important to secure the services of a criminal defense attorney who has experience in dealing with financial or white collar crimes.  Not every criminal defense attorney is equipped to handle these types of charges.  However, an attorney with a network of connections to the financial world and experience in handling accounting or tax matters has a much broader understanding of financial crimes than one who usually handles only violent offenses or property crimes.

A free consultation with a professional criminal defense attorney can help you determine the best way to handle your tax or accounting fraud criminal case.  It is important that you vigorously defend your rights any time you are charged with a crime in order to minimize the damage to your record and the infringement on your rights and your lifestyle.  A criminal defense attorney can assist you in forming a defense to the charges or in forming a reasonable plea agreement.

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