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Foreclosure Defense in Phoenix

There are many residents who purchased their homes during the real estate boom and are now dealing with the consequences. The repercussions for this come in the form of a devastatingly high mortgage payment and a property which is mortgaged for far more than its current market value. Despite the fact that banks were given billions in tax dollars to help homeowners, many did not see the reflection of this benefit on their mortgages. Promises were made during the sub-prime mortgage boom to buyers that were not honored by the lenders. One of these promises was that they would refinance the home within the next couple of years. On many, many occasions this has turned out to be an empty promise. When a promise is made to a mortgage holder that is proved to be a lie or completely false, it may be possible to take legal action against them. Searching for an attorney for foreclosure defense in Phoenix? Having legal assistance from a Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer will be an urgent matter if you hope to get a successful result in this kind of legal action.

Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Phoenix

Looking for a lawyer for your foreclosure in Phoenix? If you have been treated unfairly or had promises made to you and broken, fighting back may be the right thing for you to do to approach your foreclosure problems. You are not alone! There are thousands of others who have suffered from that same treatment. Retaining legal assistance from a Phoenix bankruptcy attorney who is skilled and experienced in the field of foreclosure defense may be your best chance to bring resolution to your frightening financial problems.

Contact us at Oswalt Law Group before you have to turn to credit cards or retirement funds to pay your mortgage. Retaining the legal services of Ms. Sandra C. Oswalt may be the answer to all your problems. We will get straight to work with proficient defense, seeking to arrange an agreement with your bank to handle the problem without ruining your finances or your record.

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