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Computer and Internet Fraud

Computer and Internet Fraud Attorneys in PhoenixToday most financial transactions involve some type of computer use.  Computers have come to be the most common way money is exchanged, including point-of-sale card swipers, Internet shopping carts and online bank bill paying.  With this blossoming of computer financial use has also come a new type of criminal charge:  computer and Internet fraud.

Because the use of computers and the Internet is relatively new, the law in Arizona as well as the federal laws governing these transactions is still being written, debated and judged in courtrooms.  Every year, new regulations, interpretations and other factors go into effect that may influence a criminal case against someone for alleged computer financial fraud.

Examples of criminal charges that may be related to Internet or computer use are:

  • Identity theft
  • Piracy of video or audio files
  • Interference with online banking
  • Hacking
  • Phishing
  • Fraudulent advertising
  • Misuse of login information
  • Theft of private files

Some of these crimes did not even exist a decade ago, while others were handled very differently than they are today.

One issue with Internet or computer crimes is that the person who commits the crime and the victim may be located far apart in geographic distance and may not even know each other.  Unlike most cases of fraud, embezzlement or financial crime, Internet crimes may involve anonymous or unknown individuals who hack into bank accounts, seize online assets or purposely corrupt important files.  If you are accused of a crime like this, it may be very difficult for you to show that you did not participate in these activities.

Fortunately, a criminal defense attorney can help you set up and pursue a valid defense to the charges.  You are not required to prove your innocence; rather, a prosecutor must prove that you committed Internet crimes.  Many criminal defense attorneys represent those who are charged with these types of crimes and are able to negotiate generous plea agreements or even secure acquittals due to lack of evidence.

However, those who represent themselves in these matters may find it more difficult to protect their rights.  A criminal defense attorney is not an expensive luxury if you are charged with an online crime; an attorney is a wise investment of your resources to protect your finances and your freedom.

A criminal defense attorney can give you a free consultation to discuss your options if you have been accused of any type of Internet fraud.

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