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Arizona DUI Saturation Patrols Gear Up For Holidays

According to recent reports from authorities, DUI checkpoints as well as “saturation patrols” will be increased at the end of November to every weekend through the holidays.  The Pima County Sheriff’s Department plans to have the DUI Unit and field deputies on the road in full force from Thanksgiving to the New Year. Arizona’s Tough DUI Laws Arizona judges have less leeway when it comes to imposing sentences for DUI than those in other states.  In Arizona, a judge must adhere to sentencing guidelines even for a first-time offense.  Sentences may involve loss of license, jail time and very high fines.  Depending on the circumstances, a first-time offender may also receive other criminal charges, especially if he or she injures another person or damages property.  Arizona law allows second degree murder charges or manslaughter charges against those who kill someone as a result of DUI-related accident. The Pima County Sheriff’s Department is encouraging drivers to avoid DUI by planning ahead and having alternate transportation ready if necessary.  A designated driver who drinks no alcohol at all is a good choice, or a personal Breathalyzer that analyzes breath samples.  The Sheriff’s Department also encourages citizens to report any incidents of drunk driving immediately. Defending a DUI Charge While is it clear that anyone driving dangerously while under the influence of alcohol should be stopped, what is less clear is what happens when someone is not a danger to himself or herself or to others but still receives a DUI charge.  While everyone is in favor of tougher DUI laws, some people find themselves on the receiving end of a DUI charge when they were not impaired.  This can mean embarrassment, expense and eventually a criminal record that can have long-term repercussions. Because Arizona gives so much leeway to police officers in making a DUI arrest, it is absolutely possible to be arrested for DUI when you are not technically drunk.  If you are then released, you must fight to get your record cleared even if the prosecutor does not pursue the charges.  A DUI defense attorney can help you protect your rights and avoid the consequences of a DUI charge or conviction by working with you to stop prosecutors from charging you erroneously.  If you are charged, a DUI attorney can work with you to formulate a defense or a favorable plea to the charges.

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