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Arizona DUIs Are Pricey

DUIs continue to incur serious consequences as law enforcement and the public push for more stringent laws against them. One of the most common penalties for a DUI conviction is the threat of jail time, but a revoked license can also be very inconvenient. However, the most devastating consequence of a DUI may not be jail time or license revocation but the thousands of dollars in fines that a driver can incur.

More Than Just A Statutory Fine

DUI convictions generate a statutory fine that may be as low as $250. This may not seem like a “hefty” fine, but it is only the beginning of the story. Additional fines, penalties, fees and costs are also associated with a DUI, making the true cost closer to $10,000. One of the biggest costs associated with DUI is the increase in the price of auto insurance. This price increase on this can range from $1,800 to $6,000. Insurance companies will not ignore a DUI, and when one of their customers is found driving under the influence, it means more risk for them. Therefore, may companies simply will not continue to insure you after a DUI, and many more will raise the price of your coverage three to five times over your current rates. There may also be a penalty assessment which is an amount added to your original fine that causes it to be much more expensive. For a first-time DUI, penalty assessments can run up to $600. Several other fees and funds that you will be made to contribute to are the State Restitution Fund for $100, the Alcohol Abuse Fund for $50, the Jail-Cite-Release Fee for $10 and the Blood/Breath Testing Fee for $37. As if that is not enough, you may also be required to pay for driving awareness school which is $375 and have to pay to reissue your license for $40. Finally, you have indirect costs associated with a DUI, such as lost wages from missed work and even the threat of a job loss if you cannot drive due to license suspension. You may have to pay someone to drive you to work or take public transportation. This can end up costing you more time from your day as well. When you add in attorney’s fees, your cost can easily reach between $6000 to $10000 dollars. Clearly, the cost of a DUI is more than a simple fine.

Why Are DUI Fines So Expensive?

DUI prosecutors have a vested interest in ensuring that an offender does not repeat his or her crime in the future. Therefore, the prosecutor is unlikely to reduce your fines and fees unless you have the help of a good defense attorney. If you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI and needs legal representation, call the Oswalt Law Group in Phoenix Arizona. They have years of experience handling DUI cases and can be your greatest resource in a serious situation.

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