Arizona Ramps Up DUI Enforcement Effort for Fourth of July

With any holiday weekend, the risk of drivers drinking and driving rises exponentially. According to Alberto Gutier, who serves with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, Arizona law enforcement will be out in full force over the July Fourth holiday weekend, including setting up DUI checkpoints and increasing DUI ‘Saturation Patrols.’ Gutier commented that “we have about 78 police agencies participating, plus all of the highway patrol districts in the state, through the DPS.” Though law enforcement ramps up its efforts to stop drunk driving during high risk times such as the Fourth of July weekend, Gutier stated that after reviewing recent statistics of drunk driving in Arizona, people are just not getting the message. Statistics show that 31,000 DUI arrests were made in 2013.

The Penalties for a DUI Arrest and Conviction

Those who drive after drinking are at a much greater risk of not only being involved in an accident, but also being pulled over and potentially arrested for drunk driving. A Public Information Officer, Joe Franklin, explains that “a DUI can be a life-changing fine that you can get. The fines are in the thousands of dollars. You can end up doing jail time, probation. If you cause an accident you can also change someone else’s life too…” How high your blood-alcohol level is greatly affects the type of penalties you may face. If another person is injured or killed by your recklessness, the penalties are even more serious. A first offender who has a BAC between .08 and .15 can serve up to 10 days in jail and incur a fine of $250. First-time offenders may also have their license suspended and may be ordered to enroll in driving or alcohol management classes. Those whose are repeat offenders or whose BAC is over .15 percent, as well as those who injure or kill another while driving under the influence, may face much harsher penalties. Arizona law does not provide a minimum jail sentence for multiple offenders. Those who possess any of the above violations may be ordered to have a vehicle ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle. They can also face fines of $500 or more. Heavy fines, license suspension, community service, and jail time are all very real possible penalties.

DUI Defense

Every DUI case is different. Those who are able to successfully battle and win against DUI charges often seek the help of experienced criminal defense attorneys like those at the Oswalt Law Group in Phoenix, Arizona. A DUI charge is a very serious matter, even for first-time offenders. Utilize the experience and knowledge of the Oswalt Law Group today to fight your DUI charge.

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