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Blood Tests Clears Man of DUI Charges

In an earlier blog, we spoke of blood tests for suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI). In this article, we’ll share news of a man whose DUI charges were dismissed because of his blood tests results.

The Case at a Glance

The Colorado bus driver was arrested and charged with suspicion of driving drunk in February. Police were on the lookout for him after school dispatchers became concerned that he had not responded to a radio call. When cops questioned him, he admitted to having a beer with his lunch earlier in the day. *** Before we go any further, it’s crucial to point out that the man’s admission of having a beer earlier in the day goes against any advice that any defense lawyer worth a hoot would give you. That advice would be to never talk with police beyond the absolute basics. A roadside breath test – which is prone to error – indicated that the man indeed had alcohol in his system. To top things off, police also charged the man with child abuse for driving a school bus with children aboard. Shortly before his arrest, he had driven about 30 children home from school. It was his admission to drinking that resulted in his firing from the school as it violated school district violations.

DUI Charges Thrown Out

Luckily for the man, a blood test was later administered which showed there were no traces of alcohol or illegal drugs in his system after his arrest. After hearing that news, prosecutors opted to drop all charges against him.

Blood Tests Facts

As we wrote in our previous entry, blood tests – unlike field sobriety tests – cannot be refused. While many cops have the skill to draw the blood themselves, others will take you to a hospital or other facility for the testing. If you have concerns about the cops themselves doing the blood testing, you can demand that it be done at the hospital of your choice.

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