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Can You Guess Arizona’s Drunkest City?

It may not be a title worth crowing about, but Flagstaff has been named the drunkest city in Arizona. That dubious distinction was awarded to Flagstaff by financial news website 24/7 Wall St., which listed the drunkest cities for each of the 50 states.

Inside the Rankings

To identify the drunkest city, 24/7 Wall St. editors looked at data about men and women over 18 who ‘fessed up to binge or heavy drinking in each of the states’ metro areas. Binge drinking is generally defined as consuming more than 4 (women) or 5 (men) alcoholic drinks in one single occasion. Heavy drinking occurs when more than 1 (women) or 2 (men) drinks are consumed on average per day. The drinking data was among a myriad of questions previously captured by County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, who collected the information as part of their health outcomes initiative.

How Did Flagstaff Earn Its Title?

According to the data pulled by 24/7 Wall St., 19.2% of adults in the Flagstaff metro area reported unhealthy drinking habits. Nationwide, 18% of adults report excessive drinking. The overall average for Arizona is 16.6%.

How Can Alcohol Lead to Legal Problems

Beyond being notoriously bad for our health, excessive consumption of alcohol can also lead to landing you in serious legal trouble.

  • Alcohol use is a factor in about 25% of domestic abuse cases.
  • Drinking and driving can result in heavy fines and years in prison.
  • People who have been drinking are more prone to being involved with fighting, often leading to arrests for disorderly conduct.
  • Often times, people who routinely go overboard with their drinking have an inability to pay for charges of alcohol-related activities (partying, gambling, etc.)

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