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Can You Guess How This Man Avoided Disaster?

Being accused of a sex crime is serious business. While the accusations alone can be devastating, a conviction can bring life-altering consequences. A man who recently had sexual assault charges dismissed is breathing a huge sigh of relief but realizes that he still has much work to do to clear his name.

The Case at a Glance

The man was charged in April with three counts of second-degree sexual assault, each carrying a minimum of two  – and up to 20 – years in prison along with a $10,000 fine. He was accused by a woman of forcing her to have sex with him. A week before the case was to go to trial, the charges were dismissed without prejudice as a result of DNA testing.

The Aftermath of the Charges

Court documents reveal that after the man was arrested, he spent 13 days in jail before having his bond reduced to an amount that could be posted on his behalf by a friend. “I tried not to freak out about it. I knew it didn’t happen,” the man said. “I feel like I got completely slandered. I was accused of something that was nowhere near even close to happening, and it really screwed up my reputation of who I am in this town. I’m happy that everything was dismissed, but it’s a pretty rough deal to go through.” In addition to losing his reputation, the man also lost his job as a truck driver.

Why Sex Crimes Are Different

The standard of proof in sex crimes is different than other situations. While other cases often depend on actual evidence, sex crime verdicts are commonly decided based upon who the jury believes more – the supposed victim or the alleged attacker. Even if you have done nothing wrong, it’s relatively easy to be convicted of a sex crime because of someone else’s testimony.

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