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Can You Guess The Costliest Workplace Injuries?

Being hurt while on the job can seriously impact your life, your financial stability, and your entire family. Recently, editors with PropertyCasualty360 – an online resource for those in the insurance industry – ranked the costliest workplace injuries in the U.S.; we share a few of them here.

Costliest Workplace Injuries in the U.S.

Using 2013 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – that’s the most recent year for statistically relevant data – the editors found that workplace injuries cost U.S. employers almost $62 billion. Here are the five costliest injuries suffered on the job.

  1. Overexertion involving an outside source (24.4% or $15.08 billion of the $62 billion) This refers to a worker’s physical effort to lift, pull, push, hold, carry or throw an object that results in an injury. Typically, injuries occur when the object is heavier than what a worker should be handling or it’s handled improperly.
  2. Falls on the same level (16.4% or $10.17 billion of the $62 billion) An example of this would be an employee tripping and falling from an uneven floor surface or leaning too far back in an office chair and falling backward.
  3. Falls to a lower level (8.7% or $5.40 billion of the $62 billion) Examples of this include roofers falling to the ground from a ladder or rooftop, or an office worker falling from a stepstool.
  4. Being struck by equipment (8.6% or $5.31 billion of the $62 billion) There is a wide range of possibilities for this type of injury, including being struck by an object that was dropped by another employer, being caught by a gate or swinging door, etc.
  5. Slip or trip without falling (3.8% or $2.35 billion of the $62 billion) Think about an employee entering the workplace and slipping on icy stairs before steadying themselves by grabbing the handrail, which causes an injury to the shoulder.

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