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Chumlee Learns Valuable Lesson of Having Skilled Legal Representation

A few months ago, we shared the news of “Pawn Stars” co-star Chumlee (real name Austin Russell) facing serious legal troubles for multiple drug and firearm charges. If convicted on all charges, Chumlee was facing about 70 years of prison time. Chumlee dropped his on-air dumb schtick and made the smart move of relying upon an expert criminal defense lawyer. By doing the smart thing, Chumlee has been sentenced to counseling and three years’ probation.

The Case at a Glance

Chumlee was taken into custody back in March after authorities found methamphetamine, Xanax, marijuana and various weapons in his Las Vegas home. Police were serving a warrant related to a sexual assault investigation. The weapons included an assault-style MP5 and .223-caliber rifles – all of which were not registered. Collectively, he was facing 19 drug-possession charges and one weapons charge. He was not charged on the sex crime allegation.

Chumlee’s Plea

On the advice of his lawyer, Chumlee pled guilty to the felony weapon charge and a misdemeanor for attempted drug possession in exchange for the counseling and probation. He’ll surrender to police the weapons and the drugs. If his record remains clean through 2019, his felony charge will be cleared, leaving only the misdemeanor on his record. If Chumlee gets in trouble with the law again, he’ll face 2 – 5 years in prison for the weapon possession charge.

Facing Drug Charges? Call The Oswalt Law Group

Chumlee’s case is a perfect example of why it’s absolutely crucial to have a skilled defense attorney in your corner if you’re facing similar charges. As we said, Chumlee was facing serious prison time – instead, he’ll simply have to keep his nose clean as he gets on with life. If you’re facing drug charges, you need legal representation – whether you’re guilty or innocent. Call the Oswalt Law Group at (602) 225-2222 for a free consultation.

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