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Dance Mom Star Says, “Let’s Make Money & Keep Me Out of Jail”

Another celebrity is finding out the hard way that you cannot hide assets when filing for bankruptcy. This time, it’s Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller who’s in trouble. In addition to trying to hide $775,000 worth of income from her reality show, she also failed to report thousands of dollars worth of Australian currency she brought into the U.S. She has pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud.

How Miller Attempted to Hide Money

Miller was originally charged with trying to hide the $775 grand in October from Dance Moms, which originated from the show Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. According to documents, she planned to defraud bankruptcy court shortly after filing a petition to reorganize her dance studio. She stashed the money in separate bank accounts she set up specifically for the fraud. Unbelievably, emails were found in which Miller was caught instructing her accountant and another partner to hide the money. One email read, “Don’t put cash in the bank! Let’s make money and keep me out of jail!” As for the Australian currency, Miller is accused of stashing $120,000 into plastic bags and urging friends to carry them in their luggage back to the U.S.

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