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Deadly DUI Crash Leads to Teacher’s Arrest

An Arizona teacher is facing second-degree murder charges for causing a crash that killed another woman, according to recent reports. Authorities believe that Erica Kristine Flynn, 30, ran a red light on Arizona Avenue near Loop 2002 in Chandler while under the influence of alcohol. An investigation reveals that she hit a vehicle that was making a left turn at about 75 miles per hour. Kathleen Mae Searcy, 66, was killed in the crash. When police measured Flynn’s blood alcohol content, she tested at more than three times the legal limit. Flynn was an elementary teacher at Frye Elementary School. She has since been suspended from her job, and a district spokesperson says she will not be returning.

DUI Limits in Arizona

Arizona allows a variety of charges to be brought in connection with a DUI. The simplest charge, driving under the influence, can be brought if a driver is impaired in any way and has ingested alcohol. Although a BAC of at least .08 percent is required for a per se charge, drivers can actually be charged with DUI with any BAC if they show evidence of impairment such as causing an accident. Another type of charge stems from a very high blood alcohol content. Arizona allows extreme DUI charges, which means the driver had a blood alcohol content of more than .15 percent, or super extreme DUI charges, which means the driver had a blood alcohol content of more than .20 percent. Furthermore, subsequent DUI charges within a seven-year period can be charged as repeat offenses. This means that the driver will receive more severe penalties than a regular or first-time DUI. Finally, drivers can be charged with a variety of other crimes in connection with a DUI. As in the present case, if a driver causes an accident that kills another person, murder charges are possible. Drivers can also be charged if they cause significant property damage.

What Should I Do If I Am Charged With DUI?

If you are facing DUI charges, it is very important that you have the protection and help of a qualified criminal defense attorney. Handling DUI charges on your own is usually not the best way to protect your interests. The Oswalt Law Group in Phoenix is here for you. Our attorneys have years of experience in handling DUI cases successfully. Call us today for a consultation about your case.

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