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Disturbing Vendetta Leads to False Sex Crime Allegations

We have another story about a man receiving justice after being falsely accused of sex crimes.

The Case at a Glance

In early June, an eight-member federal court jury in Phoenix awarded $325,000 to a man who was accused in website postings of infidelity, having illegal sexual contact with underage boys and of defrauding the U.S. Government. The victim is president of a Phoenix-based aerospace company, and the false information about him was posted on several sex-offender websites. The owner of the sites falsely claimed that Internet operators have immunity from lawsuits as long as the information they publish originates from another source.

A Disturbing Vendetta

The victim, also a 26-year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, said that his name first appeared on the sex-offender websites after he began dating the defendant’s wife. The victim was identified by name, address and phone number on a host of sites beginning in 2012. The defendant didn’t stop there. He also sent complaints to the U.S. Department of Defense saying that the victim’s aerospace company made faulty parts for both commercial and military airplanes and also made false test results. After a host of investigations by federal and private agencies, the victim was cleared of any wrongdoing.

A Reckless Man With Too Much Power?

The defendant denied in court that he used his websites to extort money. In fact, he claimed that he has a review process to address any complaints of false information. However, records obtained by The Arizona Republic showed that the defendant did indeed threaten to expose possible offenders as well as their families and friends online. In one email exchange between the defendant and a possible offender, the defendant wrote, “Enjoy the exposure you have created for yourself. Unfortunately, you took your family with you.”

Facing False Sex Charges? Call The Oswalt Group

What the victim faced in the case above is downright scary. While the Internet offers a lot of good things, reputations can be easily ruined. If you’ve been falsely accused of sex crimes, call us here at The Oswalt Law Group for a free consultation. Our number is (602) 225-2222.  

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