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Don’t Miss Out On These Tips For Safe Winter Driving

As the winter season comes upon us, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is urging drivers to be prepared and well-informed when driving in snowy conditions. “You don’t just jump in the car and say, ‘I’m going to go play in the snow.’ You need to be prepared,” said ADOT spokesman Doug Nintzel, as the agency kicked off its “Know Snow” campaign earlier this week.

Does It Snow In Arizona?

It sure does, and in some places, it snows quite a bit. From people hitting the roads just to get a sample of Arizona’s cooler temps, to skiers wanting to hit the slopes, chances are good that our roads and highways will be busy again this winter.

How To Make Sure Your Vehicle is Prepared For Winter Driving

To ensure that your vehicle is in good working condition overall, make sure that the battery, ignition and exhaust systems, defroster, heater, and brakes are working properly. Other proactive things you can do include:

  • Using snow tires, chains or studded tires (you’ll be able to use the studded tires until May 1)
  • Installing new windshield wipers blades and ice solvent
  • Making sure your headlights, turn signals, taillights, and brake lights are working as they should
  • Changing your vehicle’s motor oil to a winter grade

Preparing Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

It’s essential for owners of electric and hybrid vehicles to make sure their batteries are in optimal working condition. It’s a good idea to:

  • Make sure the battery has enough voltage
  • Have a mechanic inspect the belt and charging system
  • Confirm that the connection cables are tight

What Should I Have Inside My Car?

Before you hit the roads, make sure that you have:

  • A fully-charged cell phone
  • Drinking water
  • Winter clothing
  • Warm blankets
  • First-aid kit
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Ice scraper
  • A small bag of sand or cat litter for wheel traction
  • Safety flares
  • Healthy snacks (granola bars are good)
  • A road map

Driving in Winter Weather, Part 1: Respect the Plow!

Never pass a snow plow; instead, show a bit of patience, allow at least four vehicle lengths between you and the snowplow, and wait for the operator to pull over and let you pass.

Driving in Winter Weather, Part 2: Slow Down!

Remember to drive for the conditions. That means slowing down in heavy weather conditions. It’s an eerie feeling, but try not to panic if your vehicle starts to skid. The key is to slowly pump your brakes and turn the steering wheel in the direction your vehicle is skidding. Doing this makes it much easier for you to stop the spinning and straighten back out.

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