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Do’s And Don’ts Of Dealing With The Repo Man!

The repo man is not a popular person. Unlike the Publisher’s Clearinghouse folks who want to give you a check worth millions, the repo man is there to take something away from you because of non-payment.  Feelings of intimidation are understandable, but there are ways to lessen the tension. Do not try to negotiate with the repo man. No matter how smooth of a talker you are, the repo man has no authority whatsoever to accept any form of payment to make restitution. Instead, contact your lending agency to negotiate a deal. Maintain your cool. Being aggressive with the repo man is not in anyone’s best interest. As the familiar saying goes, you can catch more flies with honey, and that’s certainly the case in situations like this. If you have an advance warning that your property is about to be repossessed, contact that repo agency so that you can schedule the repossession to take place late in the day, giving you a bit more time to strike a deal with your lender. Don’t try to trick the repo man. By law, repo men are not allowed to issue threats or utilize force. While it may be tempting to prod him/her into losing their cool, there may be other consequences later in your case. Demand that the creditor sell your repossessed property. The creditor is obligated to provide you with an opportunity to re-purchase your property. Begin bankruptcy proceedings immediately. If getting current with your payments is not a possibility, bankruptcy may be your best bet. It allows you to negate much of your debt. Facing repo men and dealing with the prospect of bankruptcy are serious issues. Contact a Statewide Bankruptcy so that we can discuss all the options available to you.

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