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DUI Charges Dropped Due to Medical Emergency

In many cases, what police officers think happened is a far cry from what actually did happen. Take the case of school bus driver in Tennessee. After swiping a gate and fence, officers found the man incoherent and slumped over the wheel, a nearly full bottle of prescription-strength seizure medication nestled at his side. With 26 students on board, officers wasted little time in charging him with driving under the influence (DUI), reckless endangerment and simple possession. He spent a night in jail and was removed from the school district’s roster of bus drivers. When the case went to trial, though, the charges were quickly dropped.

What Really Happened

The driver, 78, actually suffered a mini-stroke moments before the incident. One of the more commonly reported medical conditions from the stroke family, a mini-stroke can cause:

  • Temporary loss of consciousness
  • Confusion
  • Trouble speaking
  • Balance issues
  • Muscular weakness

About the pills? They belonged to the driver’s girlfriend and were filled earlier that day. She gave the bottle to the driver so that he would secure them at their home later.

The Outcome

When the case finally went to court, the judge granted requests from prosecutors that all charges be dropped. The driver’s attorney said, “It’s very commendable that the government would quit when they realized they do not have a case. There was no forensics involved that supported any theory for any charge whatsoever.”

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