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Facing Criminal Charges? Find Out How Pretrial Diversion Can Keep Your Record Clean

If you’re facing criminal charges for the first time, feelings of confusion, fright and being overwhelmed are understandable – especially if you’re not familiar with how the legal system works. For first-time offenders, pretrial diversion can be an alternative to actual conviction. In this entry, we’ll talk about pretrial diversion in Arizona.

What are pretrial diversion programs?

Simply put, pretrial diversion programs are ways for those in trouble with the law for the first time to avoid criminal conviction and the penalties that come with it – jail time, probation, fees and fines. If you successfully complete all components of a diversion program, you’ll likely have the charges ultimately dismissed.

Are first-time offenders automatically entered into pretrial diversion?

No. In fact, your eligibility for such programs is dependent on a host of things, including:

  • Type of offense
  • All facts of the case
  • Your criminal history

What types of crimes are addressed by pretrial diversion in Arizona?

Here in Arizona, diversion programs are administered by county attorneys, and specific programs vary from county to county. In Phoenix, diversion programs are offered for:

  • Domestic violence
  • Underage drinking
  • Anger management
  • Shoplifting and theft

How do pretrial diversion programs work?

After being advised about pretrial diversion in the arraignment or pre-trail disposition conference, you’ll typically enter a plea agreement that requires participation in the right program for you. As we said earlier, if you successfully complete all components of the program, your charges will likely be dismissed altogether. If you fail, however, you’ll be sentenced to the punishment that was agreed to in your plea agreement.

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