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Facts About DUI in Arizona

Many new drivers are confused about the laws regarding DUI. They may have been told myths that sound believable but turn out to be false, landing them in trouble. It is also important that you familiarize yourself with the facts surrounding drunk driving. It may make you realize the true risk you are taking when you drive while intoxicated. Here are 11 facts about DUI that may be new to you, but highlight the truth about this crime. 1)      The type of alcohol does not tend to play a large role in impairment. Instead, the amount of alcohol consumed over a certain time period determines whether you become drunk. It is not wise to assume you will not get drunk just because beer is not as strong as vodka. For the average person, one beer per hour is as much as he or she can consume and not be affected by the alcohol. 2)      The only way to get sober is over time. There are no miracle treatments such as cold showers or coffee. 3)      Every 53 minutes someone is killed on America’s roads by drunk driving. This is roughly 27 people a day. 4)      In Arizona, you will hear that the legal blood alcohol concentration limit is .08 percent. However, you can still be arrested for DUI even if your BAC is below .08 percent. Arizona follows an “impaired to the slightest degree” law that allows an officer to make an arrest if the person displays any signs of intoxication. 5)      For people under 21 there is a zero tolerance policy towards drunk driving. If you are caught with any alcohol in your system, you will lose your license, perhaps for years, and will face hefty fines and possible jail time. 6)      On average, a drunk driver gets away with driving intoxicated 80 times before he or she is caught. 7)      Someone is injured every 90 seconds from a drunk driving incident. 8)      After drunk drivers have their licenses revoked, 50 to 75 percent continue to drive illegally without a license. 9)      A third of teen traffic accidents involve alcohol or another substance. Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death in teens. 10)  If you begin drinking alcohol at an early age you are 7 times more likely to be involved in an alcohol-related crash than those who wait until they are of legal drinking age before they start drinking. If you or a loved one has been charged with a DUI, call Oswalt Law Firm in Phoenix now to see if we can help you. With years of experience in handling DUI cases, we may be able to help you avoid some of the worst consequences of a DUI conviction.

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