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Fans Met With DUI Checks Going Home from Super Bowl

Marana police were on the lookout for drunk drivers as people headed home throughout Southern Arizona from the Super Bowl, according to reports. The Southern Arizona DUI Task Force as well as other agencies were conducting saturation patrols and roadblock stops to check for drunk drivers.

DUI in Arizona: Serious Penalties

Being arrested for DUI in Arizona can result in serious penalties. Arizona has very strict DUI laws that require minimum jail sentences and other penalties on conviction. Those who have been pulled over after a Super Bowl party and cited for DUI may face, at a minimum:

  • At least 24 hours and as much as 10 days in jail for a first-time offense
  • Fines and costs that can mount into the thousands of dollars
  • Loss of license for at least 90 days with associated loss of car insurance and requirement for SR-22 filing
  • Requirements for an ignition interlock device to be placed in the driver’s vehicle
  • Possible community service or required attendance in counseling or education classes

Dealing With DUI

The best way to avoid these penalties is not to drink and drive. However, if you have already been pulled over and arrested for DUI, it is too late to worry about designated drivers or getting a ride home. You must deal with the realities of a DUI charge and resolve never to drive impaired again. Dealing with DUI can be stressful. Many people try to save money by handling their DUI charges themselves. There are a couple of problems with this approach. First, prosecutors rarely help individuals avoid the consequences of a DUI conviction, so it is likely you will serve the maximum penalties associated with the conviction. Second, you may not have the legal knowledge to realize that there are ways to mitigate the damage of your charge. A DUI defense attorney like those at the Oswalt Law Group in Phoenix can help. The Oswalt Law Group has been representing drivers accused of DUI for many years, and our attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to help you deal effectively with this charge. Even if this is not your first DUI, we may be able to help. Contact the Oswalt Law Group in Phoenix if you have been arrested for DUI after the Super Bowl or at any other time. We are here to listen and to help you.

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