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Find Out How a Man’s Efforts to Keep His DUI Out of Papers Failed in Big Way

A New York man’s efforts to keep his arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) failed in a spectacular way. The failed attempt actually cost him well over $1,000 and wound up having the exact opposite effect of what he wanted.

The Case at a Glance

The 43-year-old bank executive was arrested by New York police on Dec. 29 for DUI. Rather than keeping his cool – as we have advised over and over – he insulted the officers with profanity and refused to be fingerprinted and photographed. The tantrum netted an additional charge of obstructing governmental administration, and he was taken to jail, and booked and photographed anyway. The man’s hometown paper published the booking photo. How’d he react? He purchased every copy of the paper he could find. He bought 900 copies of the paper at $1.25 a pop – costing him $1,125.

Attempts at Hiding News Backfires in a Big Way

While the man may have thought he was doing a smart thing by purchasing the papers before anyone else could, he forgot that local papers are in constant need of copy to fill their pages. Oftentimes, that copy comes from police reports. Rather than keeping the news secret from his hometown neighbors, news of the man’s attempts resulted in multiple outlets to pick up the story – and his name. Stories appeared in The Huffington Post, an NBC affiliate in New York, a Pittsburgh TV station and TIME magazine.

How to Keep Things on the Down Low

We’ve said numerous times that the best way to act towards police officers if you’re pulled over or charged for DUI is to be respectful and keep your any answers with this easy-to-remember reply: “I’d like to speak with my attorney first.” That’s it! Yes, it’s unfortunate that many local papers will print information from arrest reports and booking photos. The last thing you want to do is call the papers with a request to keep it out. Doing so will most likely only encourage them to investigate further into your case. It’s also wise to remain mum about the charges – even with family and friends. If you share aspects of your personal life with your co-workers, a DUI is something you should keep to yourself.

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