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Find Out How You Can Prevent a Halloween DUI From Haunting You

Halloween is one of those holidays that offers just as much fun for adults as it does for the kids. While the kids are out having fun trick-or-treating, many of the grownups will be at parties enjoying adult beverages. Because we want everyone to have a safe and fun Halloween, we’re offering these tips so that you won’t be haunted by a Halloween DUI.

  • If your Halloween plan involves alcohol, your top priority should be identifying a designated driver. Remember, a designated driver isn’t someone who has had less alcohol than you; rather, it’s someone who has had zero amount of alcohol.
  • If you are hosting a Halloween party, make sure you never, ever serve alcohol to someone under 21. Also, have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks and plenty of food on-hand so that no-one is drinking on an empty stomach. Be prepared to make sure that you guests get home safely.
  • Think about hiring a limousine or shuttle to drive you and your friends around town to different events.
  • Save the number of local taxi service in your phone or download the Uber or Lyft apps.
  • Reserve a hotel room for you and your friends so that the only place you crash is a nice comfortable bed.
  • If you’re going trick-or-treating, be especially alert as you’re crossing the street and wear bright, reflective clothing. You can also add reflective tape to any costumes and treat buckets.
  • Be sure to keep costumes short enough to avoid tripping.
  • While crossing the street, masks should be lifted or removed.

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