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Frugal Living: Financially Happy Ever After

Credit cards and easy loan approvals by the bank have sunk people deep into debt. People are living beyond their means in such an unconscious manner that when the debt starts to pile up they are surprised at how much they have spent. Frugal living is the way to go if you intend to stay financially fit and want to retire comfortably. Here is a short frugal guide for people struggling to save a little.

Save Electricity

You can really cut down on your electricity bill by living smart and not to mention, it’s good for the environment as well. So, turn off lights in rooms that are not in use, avoid using the dryer and hang your clothes on a line, don’t iron clothes unnecessarily and wash your own dishes instead of using a dishwasher.

Take Public Transport

Public transport is the more economic way to live because you are saving on car insurance, gas and parking fees. Compare the cost of using a personal car and taking the bus. You will be surprised to know how much you save.

DIY Gifts

Gift giving can get expensive, especially if you have a rather large social circle. Just log on to Pinterest and get inspiration for handmade gifts. There are tons of tutorials and ideas available on the internet.

Use Coupons

Coupons are like free money. You just need to get your hands on some and use them as needed. You will be surprised at how much you can save on groceries and other everyday items just by making efforts to hunt for some good coupons.

Rent Out Your Spare Room

If you happen to live alone, get a roommate. Sharing living costs can dramatically increase your savings. To get the most out of it, get a roommate who will share all utility bills as well so they will be respectful about their usage too. If for some unfortunate reasons you are deep in debt, call Oswalt Law Group today for a free consultation.

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