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Generate a New Stream of Revenue for Yourself With These Jobs

A key component to just about any plan for getting out of debt is to develop a new revenue stream. Cutting expenses is obviously one of the first things most people trying to get out of debt immediately think of – and rightfully so. Growing the “top line” in addition to attacking the bottom line will allow you to reach your financial goals much quicker. While some people opt for launching their own businesses, there’s also an abundance of tried and true side jobs that have proven to be reliable and time-friendly ways to pad the bank account. 1. Serving others at a restaurant. Depending on which type of restaurant you apply with, there’s lots of money that can be earned. Plus, many servers are able to set their own schedules. While the hourly pay may not sound that hot, tips are where the real money is made. While tipping practices seem to differ by region, there are a host of techniques servers employ to increase their tips regardless of where they work. 2. Driving people around. With the rise of driving services Uber and Lyft, there’s plenty of opportunities to use your wheels to earn extra dough on your free time. If you’re not sold on the idea of driving people, you can opt for making deliveries with services like eDEMAND. The company’s transparent pricing lets you know exactly how much you’ll make before you accept a gig. 3. Operate a cash register. During the holiday seasons, these relatively easy jobs are especially plentiful. Many of them pay $10 per hour or more – well above minimum wage levels. Better still, in many cases, you’ll be able to leverage your day-job experience into a supervisory role, netting you a higher wage. 4. Become a virtual assistant. The rise of the Internet has made way for a host of previously unheard of money-making positions. The responsibilities of a virtual assistant can range from answering emails, making appointments, managing social media campaigns and a host of other things. Check out companies like eaHELP and Fancy Hands to get connected with potential clients.

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