Heavy Consequences For Failing To Register As Sex Offender

No one wants to register as a sex offender. If your neighbors find you on the list, you may be ostracized, and it may be difficult to find employment. However, if you’ve been convicted of sex crimes or attempted sex crimes in Arizona or other jurisdictions, you’re required to register.

What Can Happen to Me If I Don’t Register as a Sex Offender?

The State of Arizona doesn’t mess around with those who choose not to register as sex offenders. The penalties are severe. First Offense:              Up to 3.75 years in prison Second Offense:          Up to 7.5 years in prison Third Offense:            Up to 15 years in prison *All of these are based upon you having no prior felony convictions. If you do have priors, your situation could be much worse.

How to Register as a Sex Offender in Arizona

After you’ve been released from jail or prison, you have just 10 days to register with the sheriff’s office in your county. If you have no permanent address, you must register every three months. If you are from another state, you also have a 10-day window in which you must register with the local sheriff’s office. When you register, you will:

  • Provide a sample of your DNA
  • Have your fingerprints and palm prints reordered
  • Be required to furnish all contact information (email address, instant messaging ID, home address, etc.)
  • Have you photograph taken

Defenses for Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

Yes, there are defenses for failure to register. It is best, however, to consult with a skilled attorney who is knowledgeable in handling such a defense. Possible reasons for failure to register include the accused having a transient job, and is thus traveling most of the time. Another defense is that registered information was lost by law enforcement. Being convicted of a sex crime can have serious penalties and consequences – some lasting for the rest of your life. To best navigate your way, we encourage you to contact the accomplished lawyers with the Oswalt Law Group for a free consultation.

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