Holiday Boom in DUI Arrests Continues

Sobriety checkpoints and DUI saturation patrols continue to be prevalent throughout the holiday season, with members of the Southern Arizona DUI Task Force stopping about 1,000 drivers over the past weekend and making eight arrests, according to recent reports. Mothers Against Drunk Drivers has advocated the increase in patrols due to the increase in drunk driving over the holiday season. Since Thanksgiving, the Southern Arizona DUI Task Force has made 58 arrests, 22 of which were for extreme DUI or those with a blood alcohol content of more than .15 percent.

Arizona’s Sliding Scale of DUI Charges

Arizona allows varying DUI charges based on blood alcohol content. In Arizona, DUI can be charged with any amount of alcohol in the blood if it affects the person’s driving. Many people have the mistaken idea that someone cannot be charged for DUI with a blood alcohol content of less than .08 percent, but this is not true, particularly if the driver has an accident or is driving aggressively. In order to make a per se DUI charge, the driver must have a blood alcohol content of at least .08 percent. This is confusing for most people, but what it really means is that if your BAC is at least .08, prosecutors do not have to “prove” that you are impaired; it is assumed that you are. Once your blood alcohol level passes .15 percent, stiffer penalties are enacted. Extreme DUI, from .15 percent to .20 percent, and super extreme DUI from .20 percent upwards, carry extremely harsh penalties and can result in the long-term loss of your driver’s license, thousands of dollars in fines and fees and other penalties. Furthermore, you will most likely lose your insurance and have to pay exorbitant rates when you try to become reinsured.

What Can I Do To Protect Myself?

If you have been charged with DUI, you are facing very serious consequences. The best thing you can do to minimize the damage and protect yourself is to talk to an experienced DUI attorney. The Oswalt Law Group is ready to help. We are here to give you the assistance you need in fighting your DUI charges and to take every step possible to minimize the consequences. Contact us for a consultation today to learn more about how we may be able to help you if you are facing a DUI charge.

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