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How Far is Too Far? Debt Collecting Tactics

Those who are deeply in debt often suffer from the harassment of collection agencies. From the constant phone calls to the mail and even personal appearances at your doorstep, debt collection agencies will do almost anything to force you to pay. Did you know that there are laws regulating what collection agencies can and cannot do? Some things collection agents are not allowed to do thanks to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act include:

  • Using harsh language
  • Threatening violence
  • Contacting you outside of normal hours, such as before 8 a.m. and after 9 p.m.
  • Pretending to be a law enforcement officer
  • Pretending to be legal representative
  • Contacting you when they know you have legal representation
  • Publishing your name name on a “bad debt” list

If you are tired of being harassed by collection agents and know you are unable to pay, it may be time to talk to a bankruptcy attorney.

Protecting Yourself Against Abusive Debt Collection Tactics

There are several things you can do to protect yourself from abusive debt collection tactics. From declaring bankruptcy to proving a collection agency broke the law, your attorney can help you find relief. If you are unable to pay your debt and have no other viable option, your attorney may suggest you declare bankruptcy. While this may seem daunting, it can also help you in the long run. An immediate benefit of declaring bankruptcy is that creditors can no longer legally contact you and harass you about debt. If they do, your attorney can go to court and the collection agency may face penalties. With bankruptcy, your debt may be either completely dismissed or reorganized so you can pay part of it back. Your attorney can help you determine the best options for you depending on your unique situation. If you are behind on your payments and your debt has gotten out of control, contact the Phoenix bankruptcy attorneys at Oswalt Law Group for help. We will look at your unique situation and provide you with the legal actions that are available to you. Our team of bankruptcy attorneys have provided legal counsel to countless bankruptcy clients. We are thoroughly familiar with bankruptcy legal processes and can help defend you against debt collectors who are harassing you to the point of violating the law. We will passionately defend you and help you lay the foundation for a brighter, debt-free future. Call today for an appointment.

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