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How To Talk To Your Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are thinking about filing bankruptcy, there are several things you should know and do before you file. One of the things that is helpful to know is how to talk to your bankruptcy attorney about your case. At Oswalt Law Group in Phoenix, we spend a great deal of time working with bankruptcy clients and helping them with their financial issues, so we have put together a few tips for someone approaching the bankruptcy process, including dealing with a bankruptcy attorney, for the first time.

  • Remember that this is a “no-judgment” zone. The bankruptcy attorney is not there to judge your spending habits or condemn you for not being able to handle your finances. Instead, the attorney is your advocate and counselor. He or she is there to help you deal with the aftermath of financial disaster, not point out how you “should have done things.”
  • Tell the truth. Feel free to tell your attorney any of your concerns or ask any questions, but in return do your attorney the courtesy of being honest. There is never a reason to withhold information about your finances, and a lie can come back to haunt you when you file bankruptcy. Be honest and things will go much more smoothly.
  • Ask for an explanation. You are not expected to know the intricacies of bankruptcy law; that is what your attorney is here for. Do not feel “dumb” when you ask a question; instead, consider yourself intelligent enough to admit that you do not know all the terms and rules associated with bankruptcy and smart enough to know you need an explanation for these things. Your attorney should always explain everything thoroughly, but if you are confused do not hesitate to stop the conversation and ask for clarification.
  • Ask for options. There is rarely one “right” way to handle a bankruptcy. Discuss your options with your attorney so that you know that you have a choice. When making decisions, weigh all your options carefully as decisions you make in a bankruptcy can have a lasting impact on your financial future. As for advice from your attorney if you are unsure.

For those who need the help of an Arizona bankruptcy attorney, Phoenix-based Oswalt Law Group can help. Oswalt Law Group is ready to give you the advice and support you need to file bankruptcy and successfully receive a discharge from your debts.

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