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Jailhouse Love: Domestic Violence Lands Man In Prison

A 27-year-old Graham County man was arrested for domestic violence after he allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend and stole her wallet, according to news reports.  Willie Dunklin, of Safford, was arrested after officers were dispatched to West Pace Street in Daley Estates about a domestic dispute.  A neighbor claimed to have heard two women screaming at a man, and said that he saw a man leave the residence. The victim claimed to have just broken off a four-year relationship with Dunklin and that she had moved to her mother’s home in Thatcher.  Dunklin allegedly arrived at the mother’s home, entered and tried to force the victim to go with him.  The victim’s sister and the victim herself finally convinced Dunklin to leave.  As he was going, he allegedly broke into the victim’s car and stole her wallet. When police interviewed Dunklin at his West 12th Street residence in Safford, he denied entering the home without permission or assaulting the woman.  The wallet was found in his possession, but he claimed he had retrieved it for a receipt he needed.  He was arrested and charged with assault and domestic violence, second degree burglary and theft. Domestic Violence–The Hardest Cases of All? One of the hardest things for police officers and judges to do is to untangle the stories that may be present in a domestic violence case.  These cases seem to define the term “he-said, she-said.” There are always at least two sides to a domestic disturbance call, and officers must make a judgment in many cases as to who is telling the truth. On the other hand, the laws have been changing to take the decision out of the hands of police officers.  Many places have implemented policies that require police officers to make arrests whether the victims choose to press charges or not.  Other locations require officers to refer domestic violence cases to social workers or others who may be able to help. When someone is accused of domestic violence, it is very difficult to defend the charges.  For one thing, many people accused of domestic violence may be caught in the trap of “proving a negative,” even though they are supposed to be presumed innocent.  It is important that anyone accused of domestic violence have strong legal representation to protect his or her rights. Oswalt Law Group can offer criminal defense services that protect the rights of those accused of domestic violence as well as DUI and other crimes.

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