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Know Your Rights: What To Know About Being Stopped By Police for DUI

DUIs are serious offenses and can cause you legal trouble. Most states have made DUI laws more severe in order to deter people from taking the risk of driving drunk. One of the consequences of the crackdown on DUI has been firmer policing practices. Although the legal blood alcohol limit in Arizona is .o8 percent, in some cases even the hint of alcohol can cause someone to be charged with a DUI.

Ways to Avoid Being Charged with a DUI

The first thing that can be done to avoid these situations is correcting small issues that police officers will use to pull you over. Some of the things that can be used as a reason to stop you are speeding, failing to use turn signals, driving with a burnt out light and rolling through stops. These things can be used as probable cause, in some cases, to administer a breath or blood test, which may lead to a DUI charge. It is wise to pay attention to your driving and the condition of your vehicle. Check your lights on a regular basis and pay attention to your speed as you drive. Additionally, be sure you obey traffic signs and signals and avoid texting while driving. This drastically cuts the chances that you will be pulled over. If you do happen to get pulled over, try to make the traffic stop go smoothly by showing respect and compliance with police officers. People who are drinking are often belligerent, so a bad attitude is a good sign to police that you may have been consuming alcohol. Keep your insurance information and registration in your car in an easily accessible place so that you can hand them over immediately. Pull over at a safe place and be polite to the officer but never admit to anything or mention anything about alcohol. If the officer asks if you have been drinking, a good way to answer is with a question. “Are you requiring me to answer questions?” may work well as a general way of fielding queries. If the officer asks you to take field sobriety tests, you have the right to refuse. You may ask, “Am I under arrest?” An officer has to inform you if he or she is taking you into custody. If you have been charged with a DUI, call The Oswalt Law Group in Phoenix. The Oswalt Law Group has years of experience in handling DUI cases and may be able to help you reduce or eliminate your charges. Contact us today for more information.

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