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Living Frugal Without Being Cheap

Learning to trim expenses and live on less is a crucial component in adjusting to a budgeted lifestyle geared for erasing personal debt. In a recent article from U.S News & World Report, editors shared a few tips for living frugal without being cheap. Below are a few samples.

  • Insource as much as you can. Instead of paying someone to clean your home, fix a leaky toilet or even cut your hair, take charge and handle those tasks yourself.
  • Ditch the vanity and feel comfortable in your own skin. You can save a ton of money through bypassing new clothes and eschewing makeup. That’s not to say that you have to give up shopping altogether. For       example, when it comes to clothes, you may be surprised to see the stylish outfits that can be put together by shopping at thrift stores.
  • Learn to cook for yourself. Eating at home can save you a bundle and lead to a far healthier lifestyle. Meats, veggies and other ingredients can cost far less than a meal at a typical sit-down restaurant. While most restaurant foods can be very high in fat and calories, cooking at home gives you the opportunity to select low-fat and low-calorie ingredients.
  • Get your jollies with free stuff. Trips to the movies and water parks can cost a small bundle. Instead, take advantage of entertainment that won’t cost you a penny, like outdoor concerts,    books and movies checked out from the library, picnics in public spots and walks around town.
  • Look for hobbies that are cheap. There’s a host of free things you can do that are very enjoyable. Examples include hiking, walking, camping, yoga, writing, singing, etc. There are also a host of hobbies, like woodworking and welding that can easily be transformed into money-earning pursuits.
  • Reject the pressure to consume. Do not be a slave to cultural norms that tell us to “spend, spend, spend.” Just because other people you know try to keep up with the Joneses doesn’t mean you have to.
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