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Make Your Home Burglar-Proof with These Simple Tips

According to a survey conducted in 2014, there is a burglary somewhere in the US every 15 seconds, of which most go unreported. A break-in can have a serious impact on you and your family’s sense of safety. So, it’s best to take all the necessary precautions to burglar-proof your home.

Don’t Advertise You Are Away

Commonly, burglaries happen when the house is empty, but if you make it look someone’s home, you could prevent a possible burglary. To make it look like you are home, leave one light on when you leave or get light timers. Turn off the ringer on your phone so nobody can hear it ring outside. Sometimes burglars call home to check if someone’s in, so get your calls forwarded. If you are planning to go away for too long, hire someone to cut your grass and shovel your snow. Get a neighbor to pick up your mail, so a large pile of deliveries doesn’t indicate that no one’s home. Always park your car in the garage, so that an empty driveway doesn’t mean an empty home.

Don’t Make It Easy To Hide

Trees, shrubs and other large plants make good hiding places. So keep your front yard and backyard trimmed at all times and install lights that are activated by motion.

Make It Hard To Break In

Keep all your doors and windows locked and never hide your key where it can be easily found. Use high-quality door locks because burglars are able to spread door frames, saw through bolts and even drill through locks. It’s best to get a professional locksmith to help you install burglar-proof locks. All windows should be attached to your home security alarm (a must-have) and you can even install stops that don’t let the window open more than 6 inches. If unfortunately you have experienced a recent burglary, contact Oswalt Law Group for a free consultation.

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