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Man Attempts to Commit Double Homicide

According to a recent report, Marcus Deondrae Savage-Dewitt, 22, has been charged with two counts of attempted double homicide when he tried to burn down his home with his child and girlfriend inside. When the Glendale Fire Department arrived at the residence they found the couple arguing. The police were called to break up the fight and determined that Savage-Dewitt had set the fire in an attempt to kill those inside. His girlfriend told police that she woke up smelling smoke and found that her bedroom door had been tied with a shoelace. She was able to escape with her young son. She re-entered the house in an attempt to warn Savage-Dewitt of the fire but failed to get a response from him when she banged on the bathroom door. He arrived at the home moments later. He claimed he had gone to a nearby gas station for a drink, though police found no evidence of this. According to Sergeant David Vidaure, “That he didn’t show up in the Circle K video obviously led to doubt in the minds of our detectives that he was being honest.” He was later arrested on suspicion of two counts of attempted premeditated murder and committing arson in an occupied structure.

Building a Defense Against Attempted Murder

Murder is one of the most serious charges you can face. If you are facing attempted murder charges you should have solid legal representation from the outset of the case to best protect your rights. The team at the Oswalt Law Group in Phoenix can help you form a legal defense to any criminal charges, from attempted murder to DUI.  Building an adequate defense involves intense planning and research. Let the team at the Oswalt Law Group help you build your best defense and represent you throughout the entire proceeding. “Homicide” simply means taking the life of another person.  While all homicide victims are dead, not every homicide case involves the same legal statutes or possible outcomes.  Most people have a vague idea that some killings are “justified” while others are “murder.”  Actually, the situation is more complicated than that. What begins as a domestic argument could end with someone in jail for a long time. No matter how “minor” you may think a manslaughter or murder charge is, these are criminal actions that should be handled carefully and by someone who thoroughly understands criminal law. Your future is at stake when facing a serious charge like this. Let us help you build your defense.

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