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Man Fighting Back After False Charges of Sex Assault

A Las Vegas man who was falsely accused of sexually assaulting two pre-teen sisters is now suing law enforcement for withholding evidence that was favorable to his defense.

The Case at a Glance

While the man was originally arrested in 2006, his case was dismissed – eight years later the day before his trial was to begin. The judge dismissed the case after two prosecutors with the Las Vegas district attorney’s office found notes by one of the detectives involved in the case expressing concern over the truthfulness of the girls’ claims. The notes stemmed from concerns expressed by the girls’ therapist, who said that their claims of sexual assault were constantly changing.

A Ruined Life

While the man was 29 when the case against him was dropped, he maintains that the accusations haunted him for nearly his entire adult life. He says that the false charges resulted in him losing a union job at Caesars Palace, having his credit destroyed and denying him the opportunity to visit his dying grandmother. He also maintains that the accusations contributed to him delaying his marriage to his high school sweetheart – who had stayed by his side throughout the ordeal – and put their plans of starting a family on hold for fear that any children they had would be left fatherless if he were to spend the rest of his life in jail.

His Case Against Law Enforcement

The victim’s lawsuit alleges that detectives with the Las Vegas Police Department arrested him without probable cause, acted with malice towards him and that he was falsely imprisoned. He is suing because of damage to his reputation, financial damages, mental suffering, and inconvenience.

Need Defense Against False Sexual Assault Charges? Call The Oswalt Group

Sexual assault charges – especially ones that involve minors – have the ability to ruin your life whether you’re guilty or not. The man mentioned in the case above is fortunate in that evidence of his innocence was discovered. If you’ve been charged with sexual assault, do not waste any time: talk with a skilled defense attorney ASAP. Call us here at The Oswalt Group; our number is (602) 225-2222 and there’s no charge for an initial review of your case.

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