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New GPS Ankle Monitors Could Replace Jail Time

According to recent reports, the Cottonwood Council is considering using GPS ankle monitors for house arrests as opposed to jail time in order to save funds and reduce overcrowding. After hearing a presentation, Cottonwood Municipal Judge Douglas LaSota said he likes the idea of using GPS ankle monitors as opposed to incarceration, particularly for non-violent offenses.

The True Cost of Incarceration

Judge LaSota said that in DUI cases, the jail requirement is up to nine days for the first offense and 14 days for an extreme DUI. This often costs the offender his or her job. He said he likes the idea of a judge ordering 20 percent of the sentence be served in jail with the rest to be served at home. Legislation in the lower courts allows the substitution of GPS ankle monitors as a way to reduce jail crowding and bring municipalities into compliance with federal guidelines. To pass, the Cottonwood Resolution must be adopted by the majority of the council and be subject to a full public hearing.

How Does GPS Work?

The GPS device is an ankle bracelet that communicates wirelessly with a monitor. This device works well because it shows the monitor exactly where the subject is at all times. It will also alert the authorities if the individual leaves the restricted area or tampers with the device. A similar device works like a home breathalyzer. It offers a built-in camera that takes a picture when the subject has blown into a straw, recording his or her BAC for the record. This technology is currently being used by Prescott Justice Court and Prescott Municipal Court as well as Coconino, Pinal and Maricopa counties.

Building Your Defense

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