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Phoenix Couple Caught Breaking Bad

A Phoenix woman and her live-in boyfriend have some explaining to do after law enforcement officials found a stash of various drugs and counterfeit bills in her home. According to reports, undercover deputies and U.S. Postal Inspectors raided the home after the boyfriend signed for a package that contained 250 grams of Ecstasy. Once inside, they found huge quantities of LSD, methamphetamine, a meth lab, cocaine, marijuana and heroin – and over $7,000 in U.S. and European currencies. Even worse, there were two children in the house – five and 10 – who had easy access to the drugs and the explosive materials used to make meth. The two are facing dozens of charges for drugs and child abuse.

Penalties for Child Abuse and Meth Production

The Phoenix couple are obviously in hot water. Perhaps the more serious of their charges revolve around operating a meth lab and enabling the children to live with such easy access to the drugs and the drug-making material. Arizona law looks at meth production and distribution as very serious crime. The meth charges alone – manufacturing and possession of – can result in up to 15 years in prison…even for a first time offense. If you’re caught a second time, you’re looking at 20 years in prison with no parole.

The Need for Legal Representation

There can be no doubt the Phoenix couple desperately need to make the decision to retain a lawyer. Because actual penalties depend upon a number of factors – weight, previous criminal history, etc. – a lawyer is your best asset in navigating the legal waters. In addition to prison time and other penalties and fines, serious charges such as the ones this couple are facing can have other far reaching ramifications, including preventing you from being able to land a job or to purchase a home.

Let The Oswalt Law Group Fight For You

It’s absolutely imperative to the outcome of your case that you have a skilled and seasoned lawyer on your side who knows how to fully investigate the charges. You need someone who can ensure that law enforcement personnel and the court system as a whole handled your case the legal way. If they did not, your penalties could be significantly reduced. If you’re facing drug charges, we urge you to contact us at the Oswalt Law Group by calling (602) 225-2222 for a free consultation.  

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