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Phoenix Man Facing 10 Years In Prison For Fraud!

Michael John Veit used to serve as chief procurement officer for Arizona’s Medicaid program. Now, he is preparing to serve 10 years behind bars and pay close to $6 million in restitution in exchange for stealing millions in public money. According to reports, Veit was part of a scheme in which he received payments that should have gone to a vendor for Medicaid. When authorities searched homes owned by Veit, they found $115,000 in cash stashed in gun safes and another $6,000 in cash in a coat pocket. As Veit has found out, committing fraud opens yourself up to serious consequences. Types of fraud can run the gamut from bank and mail fraud to accounting, health care, and corporate fraud – and everything in between. If you’ve been charged with fraud – rightly or wrongly – you need a lawyer skilled in fraud litigation on your side. It’s not unheard of for someone to be falsely charged with fraud by dishonest employers or business partners once a relationship turns sour. A skilled lawyer will help you by looking at all aspects of your case, and investigating them thoroughly so that all of the numerous possible defense strategies can be formulated. This sort of bird’s eye viewpoint of your case can be crucial in determining a host of irregularities by law enforcement officials, including:

  • Denial of right to counsel
  • Coercion on the part of police to obtain a statement
  • Problems with forensic examination of computer analysis
  • Irregularities with financial accounting reviews

Here at the Oswalt Law Group, we stand at the ready to provide you with expert legal assistance if you or someone you know has been charged with fraud. Contact us for a free consultation by calling (602) 225-2222.

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