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Scottsdale Teacher Charged with Prostitution with a Minor

Shockwaves were felt across Arizona when a teacher in Scottsdale was charged with allegedly trying to pay for sex with an underage girl. According to reports, the man is believed to have set up a social media profile page for himself, and used it to arrange for a meeting for sex with a girl whom he believed was 15-years-old. Law enforcement say that the man, 24, actually portrayed himself as a 16-year-old male. Unknown to the man, he was actually corresponding with undercover police when he made plans to meet and pay the fictitious 15-year-old $40 for oral sex. When the man arrived at the apartment where he thought the girl lived, he was instead met by police – who found $40 in cash in the man’s pocket. The man was charged by police with prostitution with a minor, luring a minor for sexual exploitation and age misrepresentation. He has since been terminated from his teaching job.

Severity of Sex Crimes

As we wrote in a previous blog, being accused of a sex crime is often a difficult experience from which to recover. Any sex crime involving a child takes the matters up a level. Because child sexual assault is known to cause irreparable emotional harm in addition to physical harm, prosecutors face tremendous pressure in throwing the book at rapists, pedophiles and child molesters.

Accused of a Sex Crime? Call The Oswalt Group

In the instance of the case mentioned above, we’ll keep following the story as details unfold. While they are rare, there have been instances when adults have been falsely accused of child sexual assault. From the very start of the legal process, a person accused of child sex crimes needs strong legal representation. In addition to examining in detail every item associated with the case, an attorney can also provide essential insight to possible pleading to a less charge to avoid conviction. If you’ve been charged with a sex crime, we strongly urge you to contact The Oswalt Group at (602) 225-2222 for a free consultation.  

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