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Sisters Face Prison in Rental Scheme

Two sisters in Phoenix and Avondale face prison sentences after pleading guilty to the crime of conspiracy in connection with a rental scheme to capitalize on undocumented immigrants, according to recent reports.  The two women were sentenced to 33 months and 63 months for their part in the management of 279 rental units between 2008 and 2013, during which time authorities claim that the two would charge extremely high fees to help renters conceal their true identities from law enforcement.  Renters would then use the property to facilitate illegal activities such as human smuggling and drugs. Homeland Security Investigations and the Glendale and Phoenix Police Departments participated in the investigation.

Can I Go To Jail For Non-Violent Crimes?

Prison overcrowding has led to recent wholesale releases of those known as “non-violent” criminals.  While many people agree that non-violent actions should garner less prison time than violent crimes, there are certain types of non-violent activities that still result in long jail sentences. This is particularly true when someone has committed a crime that crosses state lines or violates federal law.  Federal prosecutors can often bring much more serious charges than those brought by local prosecutors for similar crimes.  They also have incredible resources at their disposal, which means that they do not necessarily need to pick and choose which cases they will prosecute based on budget constraints. Federal law is often different than state law.  Once a person is accused of a federal crime, he or she may face much longer prison sentences, higher fines and penalties that are worse than those connected with a similar crime at the state level.  Some crimes are prosecuted only in federal court, while others may be sent to either federal or state court for prosecution. If you have been involved in a crime that will be prosecuted in federal court, even if it is a “non-violent” crime, it is critical that you have the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney.  Your lawyer will stand between you and the power of federal prosecutors, ensuring that your rights are protected and that you have a fair trial.  Your attorney may also be able to help you negotiate a favorable plea that can significantly reduce the consequences of a conviction or even have your case transferred from federal to state court. If you are facing federal criminal charges, contact the criminal defense attorneys at the Oswalt Law Group in Phoenix immediately for help.

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