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So You Got Arrested: 4 Rules To Live By

Every day, people are arrested by the police for crimes of all types.  Most people who are arrested probably never thought it would happen to them.  Being arrested is not something people plan for and some simply do not know how to respond. In reality, people who are not normally “lawbreakers” and have never been detained before probably handle being arrested the most poorly of all groups because they have no frame of reference for the experience.  They suddenly find themselves in handcuffs without any understanding of what they should do.  If you are arrested, there are some things you should always do and some things you should never do.  This list can help you if you ever find yourself being held by the police for a crime:

  • Do not talk to the police without an attorney present.  Many people think that if they are innocent, it does no harm to share their stories with the police.  However, this is one of the biggest mistakes people make when they are arrested.  If you are under arrest, the police are not your friend no matter how friendly they may seem.  Talking will probably not get you out of handcuffs and may very well make your situation worse.
  • Do call an attorney immediately.  By law, the police must stop their questioning of you and allow you to call an attorney as soon as you ask for one.  The officers may make you wait for a bit before calling your attorney, but do not cave in and begin talking.  This is an old trick designed to make you uncomfortable, so maintain your silence until your lawyer arrives.
  • Do not offer information.  Most people are sitting in jail not because they talked too little but because they talked too much.  If you say it, you may have to explain it in court, so it is better to simply keep quiet than to say something that could be misconstrued.  It is not your job to help the police solve the crime, so do not offer any information unless your attorney approves it.
  • Do tell the truth.  When your attorney arrives, tell him or her the whole story.  Your attorney is not there to judge you.  Instead, your attorney is there to help ensure that you are treated fairly and that your rights are protected.

Oswalt Law Group is ready to help if you are arrested.  We have attorneys who can come to you when you are detained and help you find the best way to handle the situation and protect your rights.

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