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Staying Safe for the Holidays

The holidays are a wonderful time of year but they can also be dangerous.  Oswalt Law Group wants everyone to stay safe and have a happy holiday season, so they are offering the following safety tips for the Yuletide.  Some of these tips relate to prevention of criminal activity; others may save you from bodily harm.  All of them are given in the spirit of the season:  be happy and safe!

  • Lock up your car and possessions when shopping.  It is easy to think you are just going to run into a store “for a minute,” but leaving your car unlocked or the windows down is an invitation to thieves.  Of course, you should never leave children or pets unattended in a car.  If you have purchases, put them in the trunk or cover them with something so they are not easily visible to casual observers.
  • If you drink, do not drive.  One of the simplest things you can do to stay safe during the holiday season is to avoid drinking and driving.  A DUI costs you significantly in time, money and distress but may also cost you much more if you hit someone while driving under the influence or are involved in a crash that injures you and your passengers.
  • Do not make yourself a target for theft.  If you are shopping, carry a purse that you can keep close to your body with a cross-over strap and keep it on you at all times.  Better still, carry a small wallet and put it in your front pants pocket.  Take your purchases out to the car immediately so that you do not carry too many bags around and lose track of them.  Ask clerks for one large bag to hold your purchases instead of several small ones.
  • Be aware in parking areas.  Parking lots and garages are favorite spots for isolated attacks on individuals who appear vulnerable.  If you feel uneasy, ask a security guard to accompany you to your car.  If you see anyone lurking in the area, return to the store and notify the guards.  Never approach your car if someone you do not know is idling around it.  Keep your cell phone ready at all times and dial 911 if you see anything suspicious.

Oswalt Law Group wants everyone to have a great holiday season, but also to be aware of safety rules!  

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