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The Benefits of a Clean Slate

Sometimes, bankruptcy clients are faced with tough decisions. Should you try to keep property and reaffirm your debt, often for years into the future, or should you let the property go in exchange for a discharge? When the property has sentimental value to you or its perceived market potential is high, you may be reluctant…

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A Bankruptcy Primer—What It Is and What It Does

There seems to be a great deal of confusion about exactly what bankruptcy is and what it does for those who file. Some people believe that bankruptcy is an easy way to get rid of debt, while others believe that it is extremely difficult to file bankruptcy or receive a discharge. Neither of these extreme…

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Why Can’t I File A Chapter 7?

Most debtors who file for bankruptcy under Arizona bankruptcy laws have the choice of filing under Chapter 7, a liquidation bankruptcy, or Chapter 13, a wage-earner plan. However, in some cases, the debtor is forced to file a Chapter 13 because he or she does not qualify for a Chapter 7. If you have been…

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