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This Football Season, Enjoy Tailgating by Eliminating Chances of DUI Charges

With the kickoff of the college football season comes one of the most popular activities associated with the sport: tailgating. For the uninitiated, tailgating typically involves lots of food and alcohol served from the backs of parked vehicles near the games. The tradition is considered by many to be so much fun that often times fans without a ticket to the game will park near the stadium just to get in on the tailgating party.

Legal Gray Area About Drinking Outside

Under normal circumstances, you aren’t allowed to drink outside in parking lots or sitting in pickup truck with keys in your pocket, no less. But in the spirit of going along, cops will typically look the other way as long as you’re not creating a disturbance.

Avoiding DUIs After the Game

Here are a few tips to remember that should help in decreasing your chances of being charged with driving under the influence (DUI) on your way home from the game.

  1. Keep plenty of non-alcoholic drinks on-hand. Bottles of water, juice and even Gatorade are great ways to stay hydrated and help flush the alcohol from your system.
  2. Keep the burgers and brats coming! Tailgating is definitely one of those times when you can eat as much as you like. Not because of gluttony, but because eating helps to slow your body’s absorption of alcohol. Food will not stop you from getting drunk, but you will be better able to pace yourself.
  3. Choose a designated driver. Actually this should be done before you even make the trip to the stadium. Remember, a designated driver (DD) is someone who is completely alcohol free; not someone who merely has imbibed less than you.

If you can’t decide upon a DD, make sure you have apps for Uber or Lyft cued up on your smartphone.

  1. Don’t be a jerk! Even though cops will typically not bother you if you’re not drawing attention to yourself, they are indeed on the lookout for people getting out of hand. You could easily be charged with breaking public intoxication laws if you’re obnoxious or even wander away from your auto with your drink in hand.
  2. No more beer after the first quarter. If beer is served in your stadium, stop drinking after the first quarter of action on the field. This provides you with plenty of time for the alcohol to leave your system.

Charged With a DUI? Call The Oswalt Law Group

No matter what team you pull for, calling The Oswalt Law Group should be your go-to play if you’re facing charges for DUI. We’ll work aggressively to have your charges and fines reduced or thrown out altogether. For a free consultation, call us at (602) 225-2222.

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