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Was a State Lawmaker Smart To Opt For Plea Deal?

An Arizona state lawmaker wisely accepted a plea deal that will keep her out of jail for unlawful use of food stamps.

The Case at a Glance

State Rep. Cecilia Velasquez was indicted in June on felony counts of fraud, theft and unlawful use of food stamps. She is accused of falsely claiming two dependents, providing a phony address and allowing two other people use her food stamp benefit card. Officials with the Department of Economic Security (DES) became aware of Velasquez’s actions after receiving a tip from a fraud hotline. Altogether, Velasquez is believed to have received $1,726 in food stamp benefits between Nov. 2013 and Jan. 2015.

Benefits of Her Plea Deal

Last year, Arizona lawmakers made food stamp fraud a felony. Those found guilty face over a year in prison and a $150,00 fine. Because of her wise decision to accept the plea deal, however, Velasquez only has to worry about supervised probation and the completion of 100 hours of community service. While a fine is possible when she’s sentenced on Dec. 1, jail time is not. Also, she wisely reimbursed the DES for the $1,726. At the time of her arrest, Velasquez was in her first term as a member of the Arizona House of Representatives. Her term ends in January and she dropped her re-election bid.

What Are the Benefits of a Plea Deal?

There’s a reason why nearly 90% of all criminal cases are settled by plea bargains: simply put, they can drastically reduce jail time. Through plea deals, prosecutors are able to save time and resources and defense attorneys are able to save their client a lot of jail time. When properly executed, plea deals can lead to:

  • Significant reductions in charges, fines and jail time
  • Less anxiety about a maximum sentence being handed down
  • The case and sentencing being resolved quickly so that everyone involved can get on with their lives

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